The magical girl stumble to entrepreneurs on how a class

"magical girl" fell down

"she was fooled." The risk of investors, the letter group chairman Lin Jinfeng told the "Guangzhou daily" interview with reporters, said about his "Apprentice" when Wang Kai xin.

he was referring to May this year, GQ China in fashion magazine to Wang Kaixin after the interview, described her as a perverse domineering, deceit, self expansion of the lost. It is from this, "the magic department" CEO Wang Kai Xin, the 15 year old entrepreneur, 16 years old to get millions of angel investment, 17 year old A round of financing valuation of billions of "magical girl" begins to drop altar, the next few months, the magic department in the shadow of bankruptcy.

Of course,

, GQ Chinese reported no bankruptcy department makes the magic of magic, but Lin Jinfeng said Wang Kaixin was suddenly at a point is not false. Read Wang Kaixin’s March 7, 2016 micro-blog, the day she wrote is about three days of intensive Beijing shoot, GQ magazine interview Unicorn propaganda…… This is to enter the entertainment circle, with GQ was that Wang Kaixin bring endless negative "17 year old CEO Wang Kai Xin: girls and lonely" magical air picture taken int..

Oh, this girl that film is a propaganda film, think to do is publicity, so his side all people are introduced to reporters, but most reporters for outgoing staff told, and these words and examples, gave her a heavy blow!

October 18th, "entrepreneur" magazine reported that the "magic department before the staff broke the news, Wang Kai Xin magic department store CEO embezzlement of more than 600 yuan, as of mid September, the public account balance is less than 800 thousand yuan, Wang Kaixin transferred to private accounts for himself, even claimed that Wang Kaixin is ready to go to the United States to evade legal responsibility." (uncrowned "financial" magical girl "behind it: what financial accounts? Why investors are back? || survey") so far, the "magical girl" and her magic department turns grey.

"magic department" may be gone, but the "magical girl" left us in addition to a feather, and perhaps more thinking.

magic department store CEO Wang Kaixin and her team

what’s wrong with the wonder girl


in all of the negative reports, GQ’s article "17 year old CEO Wang Kai: girl with magical air Xin loneliness" is undoubtedly the most lethal, although some description inside in my opinion there are exaggerated or one-sided, but does not hinder us to explore, as an entrepreneur, Wang Kaixin in the end should not what are some mistakes. I summed up the three points mentioned in the article:

one is the lack of good faith. Here includes two aspects, on the one hand is to investors, data fraud. According to the article described GQ, Wang Kaixin in terms of monthly turnover and the number of registered users to deceive investors, the data reported to investors is "several"