With the help of website promotion experience

is a new two month local website (front is Nanjing network new webmaster, actually I also have a security company (guanchi digital technology, the company’s website has been for 5 years. The Internet business is just one aspect of the investment, do not expect to profit, but since business could not avoid profit, after all websites only create benefit, will it be possible to continue to survive. I talk about the two station promotion process, at the same time to consult a lot prawns.

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in the promotion of what experience, but I think the purpose of promotion is very important, the digital guanchi production site is very rough, but because it is the business of the company, mainly is to tell people what our company to do business, do what business, how to contact and so on, so I arranged for a person to do promotion of business platform BTOB BTOC, is divided into three steps: 1, to determine the key words of the business of the company. 2, in a few big engine search these keywords, find the ranking in front of the company, of course, except for the promotion of money. 3, research the company’s Web site, analysis of key words and reference to modify our own website. 4, search these rankings in front of peer companies, in accordance with their business platform to promote, one by one to register the release of information, products. As a result, as long as the search for these keywords, we, or we registered the platform is likely to be ranked, and the frequency of high.

a few years, we did not directly pay for the promotion, use only half a man, but the result is very good, every week we will receive more than 5 valuable customer telephone (of course, there will be a lot of annoying calls, as can be imagined, these customers) since the initiative to find us. The success rate is very high, so a few years less accumulated through the website also made about 1 million of the business. So the site can bring benefits, I am holding hands.

but we do have some Nanjing front is unable to start, fast two months, most of the day is 1-200 people online at the same time, mostly jishihaoren online, because we are the gateway, audience promotion must be local promotion, but spend a lot of manpower and resources, to we certainly do not apply, so confused.

see the webmaster, there is no promotion of efficient method, such as a 13951729068  phone;