How to do a good job in the smart home industry Baidu promotion

smart home on this product is increasingly favored by the public, smart home as a new concept of the product will be triggered by the outbreak of the smart home market. Today, the Internet has become the mainstream in the country, more and more businesses to promote the use of the Internet, smart home industry is no exception.

as the intelligent Home Furnishing industry internet promotion has what way? First introduced, Baidu SEM, network alliance, portal advertising, vertical qq. Today, Baidu SEM, so how to do a good job in the smart home industry Baidu promotion?.

what is SEM?

SEM Search Engine Marketing English referred to as search engine promotion, the basic idea is to allow users to find information, and through the search (search engine) Click to enter the web to further understand the information he needed. In the introduction of search engine strategy, it is generally considered that the main goal of the search engine optimization design has 2 levels: the search engine included in the search results in the rankings.

this is a professional explanation, the real SEM is a way to pay for the promotion, the current smart home industry is mainly to do Baidu SEM network promotion. Of course, you also need some skills, Baidu official will have a special SEM training materials.

plans to promote a good plan and unit:

Baidu bidding promotion plan and promotion unit, generally do Baidu bidding will be a new plan in each region, the meaning of similar keywords is divided into a unit. The more detailed plan will set up early in the evening, every time the price is not the same. Of course, real-time monitoring of keywords ranking to beat the price.

if the promotion Keywords


for the smart home industry, the most popular keywords than smart home it, open the Baidu index page query reached more than 3 thousand users per day search. Let us prove it, look at the following figure:

on the map shows the extent of the smart home smart words, some people will say that Baidu promotion is very simple, that is, out of 10 yuan ranked first, then I will be out of the $11 more than he does not do it. But we do Baidu promotion is just like this, as long as the word smart home can do?.

The value of

SEM is the largest network marketing to create the greatest value to the user, the word intelligent Home Furnishing although hot but not directional, the price is very high, and the conversion rate is not high, many small and medium-sized enterprises attached to these popular keywords. But the benefits are far less than those of the popular long tail keywords.

intelligent Home Furnishing industry keywords, smart, intelligent Home Furnishing Home Furnishing merchants, intelligent Home Furnishing brand which is better, the three words that are more valuable? Sighted people can be seen after the two key price is much larger than the previous one. The price of the following two words is far below