Three at specific blog marketing and marketing of micro blog

in recent years, along with the Sina micro-blog micro-blog rushed up, the concept has gained widespread popularity, people began to gradually understand and accept micro-blog. Because compared to the blog, micro-blog’s popularity is much easier. At the same time as the value of blog marketing has been widely recognized, as micro-blog marketing is logical. More and more people began to explore the use of marketing a wide influence, strong marketing effectiveness, then micro-blog marketing and blog marketing what are the difference? Here Feng will take you to compare from three aspects.

blog marketing and the difference between micro-blog marketing information collection source and information presentation of different

usually is the main blog marketing blog based on the value of, and to express personal views as the main mode of every blog post as a "independent of the quantity and quality of the blog content have higher requirements, the audience which is less than one of the reasons why micro-blog marketing blog marketing. Compared to the micro-blog marketing blog marketing, its content is short refining, focuses on the simple description of the results, the expression of what happens now interesting and valuable things, and not the system, rigorous and detailed on the enterprise news or product introduction.

The difference between

blog marketing and micro-blog marketing the difference of information communication channel

micro-blog itself has a very remarkable feature is the emphasis on timeliness of micro-blog communication channels in addition to mutual concern friends that fans can also browse directly, by forwarding the crowd to spread more, so micro-blog marketing is a short way to the rapid spread of information.

blog marketing is the user directly into the blog site or RSS subscribe to browse the blog, the user can continue to browse the blog article through the search engine, so the effectiveness of the requirements is not high. In this way, the user can be determined through a variety of channels to the long-term concern of the blog. Therefore, it is of great value for blog marketing to set up multi channel blog communication.

blog marketing and the difference between micro-blog Marketing – the way users grab information differences

for micro-blog, we know that through computers, mobile applications, such as a variety of terminals quickly, timely and convenient access to a large number of micro-blog information, you can achieve the value of the collection of fragmented time resources. But it is precisely because of fragmentation and fragmentation of information, so that users do not usually make a purchase decision or other conversion behavior. For users who are concerned about the blog is not the case, usually users will seriously read the blog post, the information provided by it will carefully grab, digest. A good blog post will have a decisive impact on the user, often can make the user to make a purchase decision, the user really from the role of the information viewer into the company’s product users.


blog marketing to the value of the information source as the core, mainly reflects the value of the information itself; micro-blog marketing to the source of information as the core, reflects the core position of the person, but a specific >