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website optimization and focus on improving the  ‘s ranking in Google (version);  
  Google’s ranking algorithm using two main parts, the first part is its text matching system. Google use the system to find and search by typing search terms related to "; the second part is the ranking algorithm is the most important part is the patent of".  Google the
  (title) appears in the keyword given higher weights, so you should ensure your site title the label contains the most important keywords, which should focus on your most important keywords to determine the content of the page title. However, the title of the page can not be too long, generally the best between 35 to 40 characters. 
  Google will be the first few lines of text from a web page to generate a description of a web site. In other words, you’d better put your keywords or key phrases on the top of the page, so if Google find them, it will improve the relevance of your site.  
  in determining the relevance of a site, the Keyword Google keyword density will also consider the content of the text in the web page, but remember "too far", 6-10% of keyword density is the best. 
  other pages related increase strategy include: content into the keyword in the title, and as far as possible bold keywords appear in the content of. Google now also index the ALT attribute of the image text and included in the correlation calculation. So in your ALT attribute should contain keywords, to increase the site’s relevance score.  
  the last tip to increase page relevance is to make your website’s external text links contain your keywords. In the external text link contains keywords can effectively improve your site correlation score. 
  damping factor is when you vote or link to another site when the actual PR score. Damping factor is generally 0.85. Of course, compared to the actual PR value of your site, it is not worth mentioning. Now let’s look at the calculation formula of the PR score:  

PR (A)   (1-D); =    +  D (PR (T1) /C (T1)   +    +  PR… (TN) /C (TN))    

&; under normal circumstances, a PR score of greater than or equal to 6 external link site, can significantly improve your PR score. But if this >