[QQ space marketing] QQ marketing three concepts

yesterday’s article, was harmonious, checked several times, did not find out where sensitive words. Flip it over again.

first mentioned three concepts. Traffic, popularity, fans.

traffic is the amount of access, popularity based on the flow of the foundation, representing an atmosphere. Some sites have traffic is not popular, so when others say traffic is king, we should realize that traffic is just a data. Regardless of the operating site, or other such as QQ or WeChat, not all of the traffic.

has popularity, will gradually form a fan. Quality content, whether or not original, can bring a steady stream of fans. However, not everyone has the original ability, good at writing the original work, is not good at finishing some high quality articles.

I have been in the subversion of their own ideas, in fact, there is no loyal fans, fans loyal to the interests of. Others want to provide the value of the other side, he would fall.

next to talk about the flow principle to QQ as an example.

1, classification

traffic is divided into three stages: first, the optional flow. Second, the promotion of flow. Third, natural flow.

a flow of space to rely on natural growth, is very slow. There is a great chance of random traffic, for example, I enter your space through other people’s space, the next may not visit.

this is a need to continue to show themselves, a cipher, attracts people’s attention. The initiative to show themselves, need to use the major network platform. Through the promotion can quickly get a lot of traffic. However, since the flow is to promote, once the stop promotion, stop updating QQ space dynamics, traffic signs of decline.

promotion with a number of more or less flicker components by fudge is not long. Therefore, in the second stage, the need for precipitation. There will always be a group of people will no longer pay attention to you, and then another batch. Precipitation down, called fans.

so-called natural flow, is that you already have a fixed focus on the crowd. Even if you do not update the dynamic, there are a large number of visitors to visit. These three stages are gradual. If you are a star, can enter the third stage.

2, flow principle

we often see a clockwork dynamic, there are thousands of views, the amount of space or thousands of visits. This is how to do it for QQ, the first to mention two concepts, one-way friends, two-way friends.

space popularity determined by the number and quality of your friends. Members of the annual fee can be added to the most advanced 2000 friends, just imagine, 2000 people are precise fans, then your daily visit is absolutely more than 2000.

so it is very important to work with friends.

3, how to add more