Liu Feng relationship marketing is the only way out for the development of SNS community

I should be more optimistic about the prospects for the development of SNS, he has also done a regional SNS site http://s.www.kaixinquan.net so recently has been concerned about the dynamics of the development of the SNS market.

I’m going to talk about my ideas about the development of SNS.

, a web game has not allowed users to continue to stay active in the SNS community. Happy net, Renren and other SNS chiefs who have recently reported that the happy net and everyone’s net SNS social networking site users serious loss. Homogenization of social games, a single user stickiness has been so tired of the game users leave these chiefs.

The roots of

two, SNS social networking sites are the nature of social interaction between people.

The significance of the existence of

social networking site is to make people more social, because from the human, the human is a social animal, social interaction is one of the essential needs of people’s lives. But in modern science and technology makes our communication more convenient at the same time, also seems to be deprived of a lot of us face to face communication opportunity, so that we can not help feeling: in the network to reach every corner of the world today, our traffic and communication is more and more developed, and everyone is more and more lonely.

three, the development direction of social networking sites

I’ve been exposed to social networking sites, and now I’ve found that traditional social networking sites have gone away from social networking sites. It is a popular buzzword concept and advertising to attract social networking website, and that this could open network channels to make more friends but found in these sites for the most popular not exchanges, but has become a web game. Of course in the real society everyone is lonely is a group of lonely people, the interaction between people has become desolate, a simple steal food movement can let them know of their existence, and can feel each other on him (her), at least in the moment you are contact. However, this kind of indifferent action can not maintain the relationship between people for a long time. So I think the relationship between people is the future direction of marketing SNS development, but also the only way to SNS earnings.

four, social networking site profit model

a few days ago on the Internet to see the angel fund investment business in Taishan SNS network, so I went to visit the website to see the next. I did not invite the code so only in the home page to see how they operate the SNS site model. I think they are doing the vertical SNS community network that is engaged in business communication and business development for white-collar workers. Now in the face of the network environment of the well-known webmasters are agreed to do vertical sites will have great potential for development in the future, perhaps the vertical SNS community will also have a huge potential, it will be time to test.

below, I talk about the development of the concept of relationship marketing SNS website

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