QQ space from the media is a trend to build their own brand

do not know if you have recently found that QQ space from the media is more and more, a large number of blogs from the media are not much movement. It seems that the network is really like a gust of wind, where the wind ran to where they want to stand in the air to fly up.

said the blog, many people do not have their own independent blog. When it comes to QQ space, who does not QQ ah, there are QQ space QQ. Therefore, the use of QQ space users tens of thousands of times more than the use of blog users. But, do you know why many blogs have turned from media to QQ space?

some time ago, I saw a lot of soft in the webmaster nets have left their QQ, and I also added a lot of space from the media QQ QQ, also wrote about QQ space from some media marketing case. At that time I thought, why don’t they do blog site, and choose QQ space?

to say not to do blog site, I feel very unlikely, hundreds of dollars will be able to get it, who will not have this money ah. Do not understand the site technology, this is still a little possible, however, you can find someone else site ah, their use on the line. To say that there is no guarantee that the blog site, it is a little possible, because if they do not understand the site technology, the site will be wrong to write the article on the white.

In fact,

, a lot of friends choose to do QQ space from the media that QQ space has its advantages.

1, QQ space is built with low cost and does not require any technology.

2, QQ space suitable for captive, multiple marketing, unlike the blog site, see the next time I do not know will not come.

3, QQ space to use more people, fans naturally more, just need to add a QQ or attention on it.

4, QQ space with casual, unlike blog sites have to write and site related content, and QQ space to write what you want to write, no one will take care of you.

5, QQ space interaction is strong, can interact with fans at any time, exchange, you can also live their own see, hear.

6 QQ space, high safety, do not worry about the same blog site for fear of being attacked, you can set the QQ space security, mobile phone binding, more than a website security, you don’t have to worry about QQ will be attacked, they Tencent to solve it.

7, QQ space release content can be diversity, can be a word, it can be an article, you can also be some pictures, unlike blog site is not easy to fix the article.

8, QQ space exposure rate is high, whether you are a diary, or talk about the fans will soon see. The blog to write articles, fans do not know a few days will look at once.

The benefits of

QQ space, and we do not introduce one blog, I believe we all have their own QQ space, the space to see how much time each day, a large number of times ()