Phil Spencer Wants Xbox One To Play Original Xbox Games

first_imgThe Xbox One has very few advantages over its main rival the PS4, but one key area where Microsoft has outdone Sony is backwards compatibility. Slowly but surely Microsoft has been unlocking the Xbox 360’s huge library of games and allowing the original discs to play when inserted into the Xbox One.Now it seems, there’s a chance that compatibility could jump back another generation and unlock those original Xbox games you have gathering dust on your shelf.Although it’s not happening yet, Phil Spencer has confirmed on Twitter that it’s something he’d very much like to do:@James1o1o We haven’t ruled it out but we aren’t working on it right now. I’d like to find the time to do it.— Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) October 12, 2016In total, there were 1,045 game released for the original Xbox. That includes 289 exclusive to North America, 96 exclusive to Europe, and 44 exclusive to Japan. When the Xbox 360 was launched backwards compatibility was touted, but mostly treated as an afterthought. Only a small subset of Xbox games ended up working on the 360, and even then some of them didn’t work well (artifacts, software errors etc.).Adding original Xbox game compatibility to the Xbox One would help make up for the lack of effort put into the feature on the Xbox 360. Xbox games have long since disappeared from the used game shelves, though, so it’s going to be collector’s who appreciate this the most (if it ends up happening).With the Xbox One Microsoft made the switch to an x86 architecture, and that isn’t going to change looking at future hardware releases. Scorpio will be an x86 machine. Whatever comes after Scorpio will probably be an x86 machine. So this work on backwards compatibility will continue to be of benefit to Microsoft long after the Xbox One has been replaced. Sony would do well to take notice.last_img

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