In Metal Gear Solid V its Master Miller time all the time

first_imgMGSV players know the true Phantom Pain. It’s Kaz on the radio. Kaz, I’m already a demon, could you stop trying to annoy me to further madness every time I Fulton someone?I haven’t beaten Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain yet, but I’m working at it. It’s amazing. It’s mechanically the best Metal Gear Solid game ever, and it’s massive. There’s just a minor problem: Kaz Miller won’t shut up. Every time I Fulton a soldier to expand Mother Base, he asks, “Are you going to extract him?” as if he’s surprised. Even if I’m on a mission where he drops endless hints that I should Fulton the target instead of killing them, he’s surprised. On missions where I’m supposed to Fulton people, he’s surprised when I Fulton people.I won’t stop, of course. In terms of open world collectibles, kidnapping soldiers with a Wile E Coyote balloon is way better than collecting flags or orbs. In fact, MGSV manages to avoid most of the meandering problems open world games have. Yes, you can meander, but it’s built so you don’t feel compelled to.It’s open world, but it’s also a very compartmentalized open world. There are mission areas you need to stay in for full missions, and those missions change how those areas react. It’s instanced, and most of your progress will be through that instancing, with bases and outposts having different levels of security and different things to get. It means you can keep retreading the same area, but you’ll have at least something kind of new to do that’s not just grabbing some random blip on the mini-map.That said, the game could use blips, if only for the cassettes. I want to build up my 80s song library up and jam out to some synth while I’m murdering guys, and I don’t know which mission or base has which song. It’s maddening.last_img

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