Why did Ma Yun choose him as Ali CEO Zhang Yong for the first time publicly joined Ali reasons

grace playfully sister: "Zhang Yong said that the next 30 years, is full of technology and business integration and application of 30 years."  

January 8th, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong (flower name free and unfettered child) guest of the first financial wealth China column. Program, Zhang Yong first talk about the reasons for the accession to the Alibaba, recalling the origin of the double 11, to explore the business opportunities in the wireless age, but also a new interpretation of the real economy.

talk about the reasons to join Ali: the wife is Taobao fans

program, Zhang Yong revealed that his home in Shanghai, while working in Hangzhou, every weekend, Zhang Yong will come home and family together. "In people’s minds, Hangzhou is a relaxing City, and Shanghai is a city that is quickly pushed to work. I work in Hangzhou, Shanghai for me is more rest and recharge, from joining the Alibaba that day began to remember the general life of Shuangcheng".

in addition, Zhang Yong reviewed his reasons for joining the Alibaba. "At that time, and my wife said, I want to go to work in Hangzhou Alibaba. She felt very good, because she is a fan of Taobao, "Zhang Yong said," in addition, the horse was always ask me why I joined Alibaba? Hardly thinking will answer him, I have made a $3 billion of listed companies, but also want to make a $30 billion of listed companies".

thousands of people face become inevitable


in the program, Zhang Yong pointed out that thousands of people in the wireless era has become a necessity. "Change the wireless era of information browsing, goods can only be displayed in five or six inch screen mobile phone, if at that time, hundreds of millions of people to see the same thing at the same time, it will have a large number of people are not satisfied. Therefore, the wireless era is almost forcing you to use big data guess everyone’s preferences."

in the program, the host asked Zhang Yong Chinese wealth, how to ensure that so many different people to enjoy the same service on one platform, Zhang Yong’s answer is "the most important is our way of thinking, change to keep up with the young users".

Zhang Yong said that this year is the first time Tmall launched a large number of online live broadcast with the consumer, not only has 11 party, there are a lot of brand celebrity endorsements, new conference, and so on, and so on, Taobao. The enthusiasm of the fans can bring great energy, this energy is far more than just a height in the online sale of goods.

the next 30 years is a full integration of technology and business in the past 30 years

in recent years, the discussion on the new entity economy and the traditional economy is very intense. In the past, the brand sales is two times a year by ordering the power distributor, spread the goods to the channel to buy this brand, Everything will be fine.; and department.

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