666 com is the 300 thousand hole Dejing confirmed by domestic buyers


(renamed Chinese CEO Kong Dejing


in May 26, 2010, there are rumors that the domain name trading platform will be renamed Chinese 666.com domain to ylmf, the price more than 300 thousand dollars.

TechWeb interviewed CEO Chinese renamed Kong Dejing, Kong Dejing said 666.com is to sell for around $300 thousand, equivalent to RMB 2 million, but not for the buyer. "Buyers for a domestic IT companies, it should be said that the grass-roots entrepreneurs of the company."

, according to Kong Dejing introduction, the customer was initially selected 888.com domain name, but the domain name as early as before the customer consultation, was a gambling site to use, and 66.com for Route navigation software company. 666 in China, "Shun" means for e-commerce or lottery sites, so the customer finally decided to buy the domain name.

Kong Dejing said, in the bidding process, "Chinese worked with two Chinese Americans for the domain name, the other quotes were $250 thousand and $300 thousand, but the sellers have been rejected.

, according to Kong Dejing, said recently, some IT companies began to acquire digital, single letter, brand and other domain names. Up to now, has been renamed 26.com, 59.com, Chinese transactions 666.com, xd.com, t.cn, k.cn, s.cn, autohome.com, cntv.com, domain name, the cumulative turnover of over 20 million yuan.

asked why this situation, Kong Dejing said, it should be a strong awareness of the domain name of the enterprise, willing to invest."

Kong Dejing said, the last one or two days buyers will come out publicity, I would also like to know the domain name is their own use or investment."

At the end of the TechWeb

Kong Dejing said, "I believe that the above $1 million deal in the near future will appear, that is to say, with the world, the current foreign transactions, often can see the above $1 million deal, but Chinese has not yet appeared, but with the enterprises to pay attention to the domain name, it should be to speed up the pace."


had been rumored for this event affair, TechWeb interviewed for founder Lai Linfeng, Lai Lin Feng said, because before asking about the domain name of the price, but ultimately failed due to various reasons, the transaction.

              "666.com disclosure of details involved in

denied for panic buying


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