Man was sentenced to 1 years to open pornographic website members of the development of the 7 thousa

days ago, the Tangshan City intermediate people’s Court on Wang and 9 illegal pornographic websites offer a case verdicts: website run by Wang was sentenced to life imprisonment, site administrators, moderators and other 8 people sentenced to six years in prison until two years and six months.

opened the site in more than a year, the development of VIP more than 7000 members, Wang illegal profit of more than 80 yuan.

offshore server built yellow

secondary school culture Wang was born in Tianjin in 1985. July 2007, he was guilty of the crime of spreading pornographic materials, was sentenced to two years in Tianjin City People’s court sentenced to imprisonment for a period of up to three years.

February 2008, Wang in the online rental foreign server, set up a "Edmonton" pornographic websites. The site’s physical address is located in the United States, the station is divided into eight sections, fifty small sections.

Wang to browse in a way to encourage ordinary members of the site to publish pornographic content posts, and the development of membership fees of 100 yuan, $130 VIP members. At the same time, he set up a paid link on the site, to the fictional Wei, Liu, Sohn name for the bank card membership fee.

year development VIP seven thousand people

April 13, 2009, the 18 cities of Hebei province public security organs network security departments unified action, in one fell swoop destroyed overseas "Edmonton" pornographic websites, and Wang and site management personnel arrested.

Tangshan City intermediate people’s Court of first instance that Wang to seek illegal interests for the purpose of hiring in the United States opened a server on the Internet pornographic websites, dissemination of pornographic information, their behavior has constituted the broadcast pornographic materials, then sentenced to life imprisonment.

– the other defendants

eight website managers not profit also serving

at the same time with Wang trial, there are 8 other defendants.

it is reported that the establishment of a web site member incentive mechanism, through the calculation of the number of pornographic information released to improve the membership level, to encourage members to provide a large amount of pornographic information, in order to improve the amount of site visits.

identified "Edmonton" website containing pornographic video 112, 26881 pornographic pictures, obscene articles 1362.

of the 8 defendants knowingly "Edmonton" website dissemination of pornographic materials, but still with the webmaster assistant, the site administrator, moderator, moderator of the total free identity of the site maintenance and management, guide members post, also "technical guidance to members".

court, the 8 defendants and their defense per capita, the defendant did not get money, their behavior does not meet the requirements of the crime of spreading pornographic materials.

this, the court held that Wang set up a payment link on the home page of the site, and has become a member of the VIP description, although the 8 defendants did not get V>

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