Le Amoy business volume dropped or forced transformation of vertical electric providers face a break

Beijing, October 29, (IT channel Wu Tao) in the major electricity supplier in autumn and winter clothing, footwear and other products to push, but in the home Lok hung "giant banner spring clearance". Le Amoy so "abnormal", there have been quite a long time, there are media reports, Le Amoy in the National Day period once cannot access, the Beijing Daily reported after the national day, Le Amoy in recent months are not updated, the shoes for discount products. Beijing IT channel view Lok products: Men’s styles are few, mostly broken code, women’s relatively more, but only a handful of styles.

Beijing IT channel and view the Lok ALexa rankings, ranking the March average ranking dropped 21902, there are indications that the recent news is the transformation of music Amoy or not even rumors as Lok Weakness lends wings to rumours., or face closure, the electricity supplier observers Lu Zhenwang told Beijing IT channel interview that transformation the greater the probability of some.

In fact,

Le Amoy is not the case, from the beginning of last year, the vertical electricity supplier is not better than the days, before the date where the customer is in arrears ", many industry insiders believe that the vertical electric winter coming.

insiders: vertical electricity supplier pressure from the big electricity supplier platform

vertical electricity supplier once the market’s "xiangbobo", as if overnight decline, what is the biggest problem that vertical electricity supplier is currently experiencing? Electricity supplier observers Lu Zhenwang said of the new network IT channel, is extruded from the big platform, such as Tmall, Jingdong.

Lu Zhenwang said: "the ‘vertical encounter cold" is not exactly, I think, is not to say that the vertical electric mode has its own problems, the pressure is from Tmall, Jingdong and other business platform of the siege, the platform has the absolute advantage, how to break the problem of vertical electric providers face."

wine CEO Yide Lu told Beijing IT channel interview said, how to get users is the key vertical business survival, in addition, similar products, price competition are the problems.

‘s own music Amoy brand of shoes facing mortality, but we return to the brand, vertical decline and its transformation is frequent, positioning is about? Yide Lu believes that the vertical decline and its independent brand or platform, both cases of success and failure, but many "trial and error" means the extension of detours.

Yide Lu believes that there is very important to cultivate habits of users, for example, red wine, a wine culture and experience places the user really understand the taste of wine is a complement of wine vertical electric providers.

vertical electric forrestructuring experts suggest a transition platform or moved to Tmall

transformation is not the first encounter pain Le Amoy, before this, cotton net, off heat and other vertical electric providers have embarked on a dead end, living situation is not optimistic, in succession transition activity: first off the regression network network customer, establish the line wing Club

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