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lead: entrance, entrance, entrance of consumer consumption enterprises, is the key to express card products "". Although it is now a free application for enterprise reimbursement applications, but it really needs to do is the enterprise consumer scene Slack.


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in June 23, 2015, officially announced that it acquired by Ming potential capital and geeks help voted 13 million yuan Pre-A round of financing in May 2015, the mobile Internet business based on APP reimbursement a record amount of financing in the field of domestic SaaS complete product line before the.

Ming potential capital founding partner Huang Mingming is an active early investor, investment game Valley, car home (the world’s most visited automotive website, 2013 NYSE listed, the market value of 5 billion U.S. dollars), VeryCD. Geeks help LineKong founded by Chairman Wang Feng and President CSDN Jiang Tao, a partner including storm CEO Feng Xin, kylin network CEO is entered, focusing on investment based on mobile Internet gaming and entertainment, vertical tool and community, business and industry application service (Mobile SaaS) and intelligent hardware.

express round of financing funds will be used for further technical research and development, infrastructure, elite recruitment and product line marketing. The product is currently still in internal testing, is expected this month will be the bottom landing major application store App Store and Android, formally meet with the user.

can express the core founding team from UF, Jinshan, long three listed software companies and Tencent, Sina, U.S. Internet Co, the core team all graduated from Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Beijing University of Posts and telecommunications, Beikeda, National People’s Congress and other well-known universities, can be said that the team understands the enterprise software, and Internet gene.

, consumption, consumption of enterprise entrance entrance entrance, is the key to express card products "". Express is a free application for enterprise reimbursement applications, but we really want to do is the enterprise consumer scene Slack." Express founder and CEO Ma Chunquan such definition.

Ma Chunquan said, easy to express in the project has not yet started, only BP got Xianfeng Huaxing recognized seed angel investment millions. Behind the reimbursement of business, enterprise is the annual consumption market of 2 trillion yuan, to express hope mobile reimbursement business through free mode coverage of small and medium-sized enterprises, the formation of strong entrance enterprise consumer market, where this may be the reason why investors recognized easy to express.

enterprise reimbursement management pain points too much

easy to advance into the B end of the market entry point, select the reimbursement management of this segment. There is no doubt that the cost of reimbursement management is an essential function of all enterprises, small to 32 people’s team, large multinational groups, are inseparable from the business process of employee reimbursement. >

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