Anger rises as more Courtyard Village tenants ordered to vacate

first_imgNew legal notices to vacate — or to evict, in cases where departing tenants have decided against paying any more rent — went out Tuesday to more residents in more buildings at the Courtyard Village Apartments complex. The complex was purchased last year by Parc Central LLC, a subsidiary of Metropolitan Land Group of Beaverton, Ore., which wants to improve the dilapidated complex and raise the rents.A first wave of legal notices to vacate two buildings went out at the beginning of December, and several families left by the end of the month — or got two-week hardship extensions.A second set of notices went out Tuesday. And now, according to local officials trying to help residents move out or carry on something like normal lives, things have started to get ugly.“There is a heightened level of anger,” said Carla Felt, the Family Community Resource Center coordinator for nearby Washington Elementary School and initial point of contact for people affected by the crisis at Courtyard Village. “They feel they were told it would be a while and here it is already. There’s definitely a stronger current of anger now. They weren’t expecting this so soon.”“What are we supposed to do, go live on the streets?” one resident — who asked not to be named for fear of retaliation — wondered in an email to The Columbian. “I have too many medical problems to be out in the cold and homeless. It’s sad how all of us that live here were lied to that it would be two or three years and now we find out that it’s going to be within the year. It’s so wrong how all of us are being treated.”last_img

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