March domestic operating system share Win 10 promotion insurance wins by third

IDC on the net 04 reported on 05 may, according to the latest data from Baidu statistics show that in 2016 March, Win 7 operating system with the potential of half of the country occupied the domestic operating system market share rose to 51.83%. Win and XP market share continued to decline to curb erosion, shrink to 31.58%. As for Microsoft touted Win 10 this month, the amount of improvement, increased to 5.33%, and replace the Win 8 operating system has become the domestic market share of third. Next, look at the detailed analysis of the IDC review network.


(Figure 1) March 2016 domestic operating system market share map

can clearly see from Figure 1, March, Win 7 operating system market share of 51.83%, still occupy more than half of China’s territory, the dominant position can not be shaken. Ranked second is Win XP, although its share has continued to decline, but the leading edge is not reduced, there are still at present, with the Win 7 together to carve up the domestic operating system market share of 83.41% of the 31.58%.

is particularly worth mentioning is that, Win 10 reversed the downward trend last month, an increase of 0.80%, to reach $5.33%, with a slight advantage for the first time beyond Win, from the top third. With the promotion of Microsoft, Win 10 market share trend will become more clear.


(Figure 2) domestic operating system market share trends in the second half of the comparison chart

as shown in Figure 2, from October 2015 to March 2016 period, Win 7 market share has been more than half, not much change. On the other hand, with the replacement of Win XP and Windows, XP market share decline trend is more obvious. In the past 2016 March, Win 7 increased the share of 0.80%, rose last month increased; while XP decline reached 1.28%, decline exacerbated.

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