After Apple iCloud Spotify has become a big customer Google cloud

Sina Technology News Beijing time on March 17th morning news, Apple has just signed an agreement with Google, Gu Geyun platform will provide infrastructure for iCloud and other cloud computing services.

has previously reported that Apple signed a $400 million to $600 million deal with Google last year, thus significantly reducing reliance on Amazon AWS cloud computing services.

although Apple moved some of the services, but did not completely disable AWS. The company has never confirmed the company’s cloud computing infrastructure used by its iCloud, but previous rumors have shown that AWS and Microsoft Azure are the company’s major providers. Seen in this light, Apple may also continue to meet the needs of cloud computing through a variety of services.

according to The Information reported that apple takes about a year to transfer the service to Google cloud platform.

from last year, Google has been in the company’s cloud platform to reach all kinds of transactions. The company also launched a constant price war with Amazon, but Google has been claiming to be a public cloud in the field of cost leadership, known as its cloud computing services cheaper than AWS 15% to 41%.

but Google’s cloud computing services have been lagging behind Amazon and Microsoft. In February this year, Deutsche Bank analyst Carne · Keith Ted (Karl Keirstead) pointed out that Google’s cloud computing platform has the big gap in the public cloud market ranked third, significantly behind the Amazon and Microsoft.

February 24th, streaming music service Spotify also announced plans to migrate some servers from Amazon’s cloud computing services AWS Google cloud platform. Spotify said the main reason for the migration of Google’s big data analysis capabilities. The streaming media company can use Google’s data analysis technology to adjust its own music recommendation engine.

Google, senior researcher at Research, Google brain (Google Brain) team leader Geoff · Dean (Jeff Dean) recently accepted Sina interview, artificial intelligence provided by Google actually exists in Google’s cloud computing platform, these functions are more advanced in the data analysis function provided on the basis of.

, according to Apple Corp’s data center construction plan, the company may reduce spending on the third party cloud computing platform in the future. The company is currently building new data centers in Ireland, Denmark, Reno and Arizona, and is expanding its existing data center in Oregon.

Apple’s data center is located in the former GT Advanced sapphire plant, known as the company’s global data network command center". Apple said the Arizona data center is one of its largest investment projects.

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