CocaCola Japan Goes The Way of Crystal Pepsi With New Clear Coke

first_imgYou’ve tried Crystal Pepsi, or at the very least recoiled from it in disgust for some reason. Now, Coke is giving the formula a try, but with a very different approach. It’s called Coca-Cola Clear, and it’s a new clear beverage that’s devoid of calories as well as color. As for its taste? Well, that’s a secret at the moment, except for those lucky few who have tried it ahead of its debut.SoraNews24 had the honor of giving the beverage a taste test ahead of its June 11 release, and their report is that it’s very fizzy, and also very, very clear — just like water, until you pour it out into a glass of ice. The results were pretty surprising, especially since it looks just like a bottle of fizzy flavored water you might pick up at the grocery store. With zero calories and a tiny amount of lemon juice, it’s actually like a light, lemony Coke!Image via SoraNews24It’s a good reminder that a lot of what makes Coke the instantly recognizable drink it is in terms of its look and flavor profile owes a lot to its coloring and other attributes, many of which go a long way in fooling our brains to think it’s going to taste one specific way when it actually tastes another.It took about a year to develop this new drink, and it’s a very different formula from others that the company has tried before. It’s definitely something that might have an impact on the global market due to its gimmickry and interesting flavor profile, but Coca-Cola Japan hasn’t yet stated anything about plans to potentially bring the drink westward. With Pepsi’s recent revival of Crystal Pepsi and the fervor surrounding that old cult favorite, it’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility, though.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img

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