Migration network Warcraft game player and grassroots webmaster with fellow sufferers


last week, NetEase released the World of Warcraft data sheet, the wrath of the Lich King, after the news of the audit, the major media competing reports, discussions have not yet. "World of Warcraft" as a world-class successful game has its influence, but in China it has been much more attention than the scope of a game. So, what exactly is "World of Warcraft" worth paying so much attention to?

from 2007 began to "World of Warcraft" topic: continue to modify the contents, change agent, piece of information delay, XX incident and so on, but the real impact is actually only in the game player experience and modify the contents of data delay, the two topic revolves around a word in the play – approval. Your flesh and bones have skull approval into the grave, red blood, black headed for pulp box, to become the world’s biggest change of Warcraft version. Cautious approval and let the "burning the expedition" issued after the official 9 months, to become the world’s latest line area. "Wrath of the Lich King is delayed for 2 years," cataclysm "can be used to describe the foreseeable future.

I was born to be approval, everything is wasted. A large number of Warcraft game player who could not bear to be castrated version and a piece of information has not yet been started to emigrate overseas, English good points of the game player fought in the United States, more of the game player chose across the Strait of taiwan. When the "Wrath of the Lich King" was finally approved, the investigation results of the media is still a game player about 50% not to move back in china. The size of the rare game player action associated with this year immigrants in addition to a network – at the end of 2009 echoed the Immigration Act Department suddenly started to increase the intensity of approval for the site, a large number of small and medium-sized websites have been implicated to migrate to the foreign server. In the policy under the influence of a considerable number of China citizens were forced to become network immigrants, whether you want to or want to start the game, are likely to face leave the hometown. So it seems that the world of Warcraft game player and the grassroots webmaster is more like a pair of fellow sufferers, with the exiled world.

compared to the two network migration, we will find some similarities between them:

1, in the domestic content is limited, whether it is the game or the site can not enjoy authentic content:

of Warcraft Warcraft: in the game to modify some of the so-called vulgar and violent image task, making the game lost some unique and fun. This is a modified version of harmony, is called the game player who sniff at, castrated version.

website: Policy on censorship strictly, website content editing often constraints. When examining the most severe, within the same room if there are many websites a website hosting this violation is the room will be closed "guilt".

2, time-consuming and laborious in the country, the endless game waiting for the record of unlimited cumbersome:

world of Warcraft: "the Burning Crusade," TBC, because it was late 9 "

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