Internet Explorer 10 coming to Windows 7 in November

first_imgIf you’re like the majority of geeks, you aren’t planning to run out later this month and buy Windows 8 with it’s paradigm-shifting tile-based interface. Until now, it was looking like that was also going to leave you stuck on Internet Explorer 9 as the stock Windows browser. However, Microsoft has announced that IE10 is coming to Windows 7, but only as a preview at first.The post, from Internet Explorer program manager Rob Mauceri, announces that the IE10 preview for Windows 7 machines will be out sometime in November. The final build won’t roll out until sometime in the indistinct future after Microsoft has gotten enough feedback and data, if you believe the party line. I suspect the company wants to see how Windows 8 moves before it expends more resources on Windows 7 software.Internet Explorer, once a monopolistic force in desktop browsers, has fallen on hard times in recent years. Most tracking services now list IE at 30-40% of the browser market — in a dead heat with Google’s Chrome. Internet Explorer 10 has been designed to improve performance and security, but this is the case with almost every software update. Adobe Flash has also been integrated with IE to reduce update headaches, a feature Chrome implemented last year.The preview version of the software coming out next month should deliver the new Trident 6.0 rendering engine and speed improvements. It is unclear if the preview will have the Metro-inspired UI tweaks we see in Windows 8. Feel free to click refresh on the IE Blog until the release is announced — or just keep using Chrome. Your call.via IE Bloglast_img

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