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online trading site: express a single line: a completed a stirring among the dry bones documents retail 0.5 yuan

IT Times reporter especially Xin Fitto Oriental IC

19772****** "express a single number, shipping to Shanghai, receiving Nanjing, without scanning, the price of 1 yuan……" Recently, express a single number online selling phenomenon, has become the focus of media attention, the police have been involved in the investigation. However, the "IT times" reporter found that a few days ago which seized 114 Amoy single transaction website, this week once again stage. In every day tens of thousands of single release people behind the curious is that these large number of exactly where you come from? Who leaked the sending and receiving

personal privacy?

face single information private transactions

when a courier is issued, there will be a single, a record number, and the sender and the recipient’s name, telephone, address and other information. In general, the face of a single four copies, the sender, the recipient of a copy of the local courier business hall, a logistics personnel. If the management is not good, these face becomes a hidden information leakage. On the afternoon of November 13th, the "IT times" reporter came to Zhongshan Park near a courier business point, in addition to the parcels of parcels outside the floor, tied into a bundle of bundles of single surface is also piled on the table and stool. The new reporter pretending to open shop, hoping to buy some single, the customer to send messages, do some advertising. The business manager started undauntedly, said the company has provided all the single surface must be returned to the headquarters. Then the reporter asked whether the site can be copied, copied or photographed to obtain information, the manager did not deny. He also took out a stack of old single face said, "these are a few months before the plane has been completed, the risk is relatively small, if you really want to see, a 0.5 yuan to you."

with the completion of the transaction, the old face express business point to single insurance companies, intermediary companies are flocking to the meat and potatoes. Reporters on the Internet to express the surface of a single recovery as the keyword search, immediately jumped out of dozens of results. Some recyclers on the Internet played a 1 yuan, 10 yuan, from $1, free home delivery, etc.. Yuantong express Hongkou upper branch Marketing Manager Ge Xiaoyan told reporters, "IT times", the old single face in the operating point retained within a year, for the user’s query, then recovered by courier Corporation, under the supervision of the regulatory authorities, unified with the shredder or burning destroyed. However, the current number of business points will be free to discard the face, or sold to the recycling side, hidden dangers.

The information system of

express company and open the "

in addition to the face of a single risk, the courier company’s information system is also worrying. "IT times" reporter in the Cheap Road area several courier business, the store’s computer screen are open, rolling number, receive a time information, and the courier can see. "The computer at the point of sale is often connected with the IT system of the head office

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