400K of loose change left in US airports during 2010

first_imgI can say with quite a bit of certainty that at some point during our lives, each and every one of us will accidentally drop some change out of a pocket. Such an event is usually followed by the muttering of some unrepeatable words and a few minutes of trying to pick up those coins that always roll away and underneath something.Apparently, if you visit an airport in the U.S. its highly likely you won’t just drop change, you will leave it there too. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has revealed just how much loose change they collect every year, and the figure is pretty unbelievable.In 2010, the TSA banked $409,085.56 in loose change that had just been left in airports across the U.S. It’s quite incredible that such an amount would just be left for the TSA to claim as their own, but it goes beyond just dropping coins out of a pocket. Travelers also leave behind rather a lot of foreign currency because they have to remove the change from their pockets at security checkpoints to go through the machines. Inevitably coins get left behind in the plastic bins as they drop to the bottom below your carry-ons.At the end of every day the forgotten coins are collected up and sent to the TSA finance office. These extra funds are then put to good use paying for consumables such as light bulbs, or helping to fund replacement computers etc. It can’t be officially made part of the budget as the amount collected isn’t known before hand. If the 400K figure surprises you, what may surprise you even more is the fact it seems to be an increasing amount of income for the TSA every year. In 2008 the total came to $364,000, that then rose to $399,000 in 2009. 2011 is sure to be in the region of $420,000 if it mirrors 2010’s gains.If you don’t feel like giving the TSA any extra money this year, then may I suggest you take a little more time checking those plastic bins before leaving the security area on your next trip. You may just find some coinage.More at NBC San Diegolast_img

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