6 of the best kids tantrums of all time

first_imgTsquiggs123 / YouTubeIn honour of Angry Unicorn Girl, here are some other videos of kids having their own diva moments:1. The girl who got her hair cutThe fact that her mother tries to reference Hamlet’s Ophelia may be lost on her toddlerKristina Phoneix-Artinian / YouTube2. The baby who doesn’t like Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USAWell she’s wrong because it’s amazing, but this is funnySuperDaddy3523. The tantrum that only happens when somebody is watchingDoes this kid realise how much entertainment he’s giving his parents?FunnyFuse / YouTube4. The temper tantrum that involves sliding to the floor and staying thereThis little girl falls and stays there for maximum tantrum effecthellonwheels00 / YouTube5. The tantrum over your singing skillsThis is something of a classicBadSideofHeaven / YouTube6. This infamous girl from Toddlers and Tiaras“LEAVE ME ALONE PEOPLE”kiyokotown / YouTubeGlobal Kids Fashion Week is actually a thing>VIDEOS: What makes Dublin “Uniquely Dublin”?> THE THING ABOUT kids is that they are sometimes prone to throwing tantrums.Ideally we all grow out of throwing an absolute strop when things don’t go our way but kids don’t have to worry about that too much.This video of a girl flipping out over not being able to have her own unicorn (!) has gone viral todaylast_img

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