ntelligent hardware is really tired after a feather

if 2014 is intelligent hardware first, then it is nearly two years after the enthusiasm, the two inflection point looming. Intelligent hardware is a pit ", played a much more people have such feelings, so intelligent hardware industry seems really noisy after only a feather.


is a guest, this is intelligent hardware to find people screaming, but over the past two years, I found that smart products can really make people scream is not much. In addition to smart phones such a mature intelligent products, from the initial wearable devices to today’s smart home products, really refreshing less and less.


now look at intelligent hardware before, some have little practical value, is a more self appreciation and plaything, or that is in order to smart and intelligent.

, such as smart socket, we can switch the device on the home appliances through the phone control, it seems very intelligent. Deep thinking, this product in my opinion, the actual value is not large. One if we are to solve the problems of the control of electrical equipment, electrical equipment manufacturers that can achieve by loading with APP, and do not need to add such a spare parts; if the second is to solve the switch control problem, perhaps the traditional button switch hand machine more convenient than APP, because we don’t need to do not need network software do not need mobile phone; third, network security is always not open around the ridge, once the Trojan horse or hacking, the consequences will be very serious.


and smart bracelet, for a whole day to work for busy office workers, there will be enough time to pay attention to their quality of sleep? I’m afraid every day they are constantly sending emails, phone calls, and even by WeChat, QQ and customer contact. Therefore, this type of user is concerned, it is better to sleep monitoring, health detection function is replaced by e-mail / SMS alerts, telephone reminders or news alerts and more real. In addition, the smart Bracelet design defects, industry experience, poor can only rely on mobile phone, but also become an important reason for the chicken ribs bracelet.


in July this year, Zhou Hongyi admitted in the summit on the field of intelligent hardware innovator, 360 intelligent hardware layout and development of this failure, "a lot of intelligent hardware failures, including our own failure to do a lot of products, one of the most important reason is that there is no demand." 360 children watch, recorder, camera, intelligent robots, intelligent router children and so on all kinds of hardware, but the overall data show did not reproduce just passable, anti-virus software, invincible sword glory.

In fact,

is not only 360, Tencent’s PO box, WeChat headset, >

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