ndividual application CN domain name was rice farmers to find new solutions

for the bad content reorganization of the Internet is deeply into every aspect of the industry chain, Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) yesterday to stop individual users, domain name registration, and requires the user to register.CN domain to submit a written application.

prior to the application domain name, the user as long as the online application, but not individuals and institutions. CNNIC official said, in fact, the domain name registration has not been allowed by individuals, the current is to strictly deal with. Users to use false information registration and access to personal domain names should also be processed.

CNNIC this requires the user to apply for materials, including the official seal of the domain name registration application form, business license or organization code certificate, the registration of the identity of the contact person. This means that all individual users will not be able to apply for a domain name.

CNNIC responsible person said, because the mobile phone and the Internet site jurisprudence problem, the main objective of this investigation is CNNIC crackdown jurisprudence site, in order to improve the authenticity of the domain name registration information, to reduce the problem of illegal use of domain name. Therefore, the announcement of the new registration requirements for users, will not rush to close the registered domain name.

currently has 13 million registered users of.CN. As a result of the crime of engaging in the operation of mobile phone pornographic websites registered by the CNNIC domain name registration authority or agency registered a large number of domain names, it will point to the Yellow site, resulting in regulatory difficulties.

has recently been criticized CCTV, CNNIC also punished three domain name registration services and agencies.

fact, domain name registration has developed into an industry, a good domain name to be sold hundreds of million examples are not uncommon, this year the global domain name emerge in an endless stream transaction amount up to millions of dollars in fly.com, the transaction amounted to $1 million 600 thousand, the Pizza.com domain name to sell for $2 million 600 thousand, Insure.com is to create $16 million record.

have been dubbed "corn" in China’s domain name, and the name of professional trade called "rice farming", a large number of their registered domain name is expected to rise, each cost only a few dollars, and then resold can be up to hundreds of dollars or even millions of dollars.

is a professional "rice farming" reporters yesterday on the CBN, the CNNIC of the "New Deal" to raise their operating costs, but the overall impact is not particularly large, the strength of the "rice farming" there should be other solutions, because the.Com domain name can still personal registration, and "rice farming" hands are still hoarding a large number of.CN domain name, this part of the transaction is not affected. The requirement is only to raise the cost of the future, because the need to apply for a new domain name to register a company or find a shell company, and then still can apply for a large number of domain names.

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