The webmaster can try to do the renovation work

is now online shop more and more heat, and the reality of the store, the beautiful "decoration" will give "shop" elegance. So someone started a shop decoration workers business. It is understood that the network is divided into ordinary type, exquisite, luxury three types, ranging from $200 to $1000.

shop decoration by friends sought after

two months ago, Wang opened a cosmetics store on Huaihai Road, and to set up a store on the internet.

he hired a specialized network company to build a website, but after the completion of the web page is not beautiful enough, so Wang learned to use the knowledge of the web page to his shop decoration. After the renovation of the store click rate rose rapidly, turnover also increased.

reporter learned that, nowadays to shop "decoration" business is very hot, many users have posted Homo habilis "decoration", many netizens also issued a "decoration materials" group purchase invitation.

network expert monthly income of eight thousand

is responsible for a "online decoration company" Lee said that he was doing web design for an Internet company, through "public live" after the customer feel satisfied for he would "beautify, additional charge. Soon after, he resigned to stem from the "beauty business, later, Mr. Li learned that there are a lot of people and one of his occupation, called network renovation work.

Lee revealed his monthly salary of about 4000 yuan, is a general level. Some ‘decoration’ master, monthly salary of seven thousand or eight thousand yuan."

network decoration money King promising

‘network’ decoration ‘money scene is good, because now more and more online shop." A well-known domestic shopping site staff said.

According to

, the site has a membership of 22 million, trading volume exceeded $47 million per day. In addition to providing high quality products, good shopping environment will attract more customers, therefore, a lot of people at high prices to engage in decoration". With the increasing number of online shops, decoration workers demand is growing, which breeds a huge business opportunities.

In addition to the

shop, government agencies, enterprises and institutions and personal websites need to be renovated more and more. The Ministry of information industry data show that in 2005, there are 220 thousand sites for the record, while the industry believes that at least 300 thousand, with the growing popularity of the design of the web, the network decoration money king promising.

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