The world’s most noteworthy 20 million dollar trading domain name

news July 5th, originally a good domain name can also be sold to millions of dollars, the price of RMB 10 million yuan, is very surprising! According to the platform arrangement had sold millions of dollars worth about 20 names, below we come to understand the domain name.



: 20, a list of

million U.S.

from the above concern domain name transaction list, most of the world millions of dollars in the domain name is English domain, and the domain name industry trading at high prices mainly in gambling, adult oriented industries, Sex.com domain name $13 million in sales, occupy the picture first, ranking second is the Fund.com domain name, to 9 million 990 thousand dollars, is still third adult domain name Porn.com, with $9 million 500 thousand transaction.

is worthy of attention, the German national domain name Shopping.de for $2 million 850 thousand in sales, Twelfth platform data list, a good performance, in addition the old domain name Seniors.com trading at $1 million 800 thousand, ranking sixteenth in the list, the same domain name value.

is not difficult to see that these pictures on the top ten domain names have been among the top ten most valuable domain name list, most of these data is to sell platform data, and not the world’s most expensive domain name ranking, the world’s most expensive domain name has long been the insurance domain to win, this data is only for reference  

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