Professional social networking site 5 revenue model very valuable user segments

lead: "Forbes" in February 13th published a commentary pointed out that the implementation of differentiated competition for specific user groups on social networking sites can use depth professional users of resources website, the use of a variety of revenue models, including advertising, value-added content, recruitment information, cross sales and transaction fees etc..

below is the full text of the article:

social network is no longer just for personal communication, the business community has been hoping to use the power of social networks. Social networks evolve to create new business opportunities for individuals and businesses. While Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, such as large online sites are widely popular, other online communities will be positioned in the direction of a more specific value for the business people or professional. However, it takes time and skill to maximize the potential of these private communities.

‘s private online community includes industry and professional associations community or non-profit organizations that provide the reader with detailed and professional interaction. In these communities, like-minded individuals is loyal users, provides the most ideal place for marketing products and services, community can open up other revenue models except the basic fee or fee. Let us explore the main ways to maximize the revenue of private online communities through different revenue models, including the following 5 ways:


private community gathered a lot of users interested in the same content, the development of targeted audience advertising can bring considerable sales. Social network advertising can be transmitted through banner ads, direct messages, or online user activities.

market research firm eMarketer said that social network advertising sales this year is expected to reach $5 billion 540 million in 2013 is expected to grow to $10 billion. Although most of the advertising sales will flow to Facebook, but other social networking sites have full advertising opportunities.

value-added content / subscription subscription

these social networking sites at the beginning of the community members to provide free membership account, which is an effective model of community. When a member of the community development, continue to interact and seek more information and participate in activities, social networking sites can provide high-quality content to pay membership, such as the best practice case studies and white paper, or Podcast (video sharing) and online seminar exclusive access rights, in which members can continue to participate in community activities at the same time, win extra revenue opportunities for social networking sites to bring.

it will be of great value if the value of the content can be extended to the members of the industry knowledge or professional knowledge, and promote the development of membership. This kind of information makes the online community relevant, meet the needs of members, can prevent them from turning to other social networking sites to seek the information.

recruitment / position information

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