Moroccan Police Arrest Prisoner 26 Days After Escape

Rabat – After 26 days on the run, Police arrested the prisoner who escaped Tangier’s local prison. The 27-year-old prisoner managed to escape on August 10 at 6 am. Tangier’s judicial police arrested the fugitive on September 4.In a statement issued this morning, September 5, the General direction of National Security (DGSN) stated that the prisoner was serving a sentence of 12 years imprisonment for rape and robbery.Originally from the region of Tangier, the young man had fled through the roof of the penitentiary, after breaking the bars of his cell, said the local press at the time of his escape. The prisoner was placed in custody at the disposal of the investigation conducted under the supervision of the prosecutor’s office to determine the circumstances of his escape, concluded the DGSN statement.

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