Tunisian woman allegedly burned pages of Quran with cigarette

Taroudant, Morocco – A Tunisian woman based in Paris has received a massive flood of accusations because she has allegedly “burned a page of the Quran with her cigarette.”The Tunisian website Bouyafar published photos of a woman who desecrated the pages of Holy Quran by her cigarette.The same source said that Khadija Ben Ayed, a Tunisian living in Paris, burned and desecrated the Quran and posted the photos on her Facebook wall. However, the Moroccan French website Telquel said that “these photos that circulated for a while on Facebook do not belong to the Tunisian question in question.“These are screenshots taken from a video posted on YouTube in 2012 of a completely different person, speaking in English, and affiliated with an Islamophobic forum,” the same source said.

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