News Dream forum is shut temporarily unavailable because of irregularities

just do not pay attention to the "dream into the small jar, the terrified, there are pictures and the truth:


I guess there are two reasons: first, in the network monitoring department of the network information to rectify; second, the amount of forum posting date dedecms huge, especially at night the number of advertising machine crazy post operation, and management deficiencies and negligence. Itself is not strictly due to audit information forum.

therefore, I think, in today’s increasingly stringent audit information network, as a webmaster if we should avoid


first: set the necessary forum sensitive keywords, improve the forum keyword filtering mechanism;

second: timely patch patch, patch patch;

third: arrange the necessary manpower, strengthen the audit of the forum content;

fourth: the majority of members of the forum, the timely reporting of violations of information.

personal webmaster "vulnerable", as long as the mechanism to strengthen the audit of the forum, the forum to improve the quality of information, to avoid repeating the mistakes.

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