Trudeau addresses multiple instances of blackface brownface at Saskatoon town hall

first_imgSASKATOON (NEWS 1130) — Questions about photos and videos of Justin Trudeau in blackface and brownface followed him to a town hall in Saskatoon Thursday.Trudeau adjusted his plans for the stop in the city, opting to take questions instead of proceeding with a campaign rally.The hour-long town hall saw the Liberal leader take questions on a range of policy issues. Early on, two men in the largely friendly crowd forced Trudeau to confront a number of photos and videos that have surfaced in the last two days.First, he was asked to say how many times he has appeared in blackface or brownface.“I’ll make it easy: Is it possible to round to the nearest five?” a man in the crowd asked.The question prompted an apology from Trudeau.“Far too many people in this country face discrimination and intolerance on a daily basis. What I did was inexcusable and wrong, and hurt a lot of people who considered me to be an ally. That is wrong and I am deeply, deeply sorry,” he said.Related stories:It’s shaken the election campaign, but has Trudeau’s brownface image shaken the trust of voters?‘Insulting,’ ‘shocking,’ troubling:’ Party leaders react to photo of Trudeau in brownfaceTrudeau apologizes for ‘racist’ brownface yearbook photoTrudeau issued his first apology Wednesday, after Time magazine published a 2001 photo of him in brownface at an “Arabian Nights” gala when he was a teacher at a Vancouver private school in 2001, saying he understands that what he did was racist but did not see it as such at the time. At that time he said there was one other instance of him appearing in “make up” during a high school talent show.But by Thursday, a third instance had come to light. After he issued a second apology, he was asked again how many other times has he done this. He hesitated, and admitted he couldn’t remember.“I am wary of being definitive about this because of the recent pictures that came out, I had not remembered,” he told a crown in Winnipeg Thursday morning.The second man who raised the issue at Thursday night’s town hall, wearing a yellow vest, urged Trudeau not to apologize anymore.“Please, when we have this debate let’s not go back digging up bones 15 years. What are we doing now and in the present?” he asked.“I appreciate the sentiment but there was no excusing what I did and I’m sorry that I did it. But at the same time, yes, we do need to focus on how we move forward as a country on many, many big issues. One of those issues is making sure that your leaders don’t hurt people who already face discrimination and marginalization too much in their daily lives,” Trudeau answered.last_img

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