What should we do as a webmaster

mourning day, the first thing we should do is to turn all of our websites into mourning gray!

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let all of our webmaster action, let the Chinese webmaster also joined the ranks of mourning

our actions are enough to witness everything!

I do an example in the morning to come together to change the "" (this is not AD, this is to let more webmaster know this behavior and effect)

mourning day, what will we do:

1, please stand up from the seat at 14:28 on May 19, 2008, the silent tribute to the victims in three minutes;

Would you please

2, QQ head, MSN head for stealth (black and white), the color of the words please to black or gray, to express our thoughts; please send your site settings for black and white gray, if possible, please put all the entertainment channel temporarily closed. CSS filter can refer to

3, please in three days of mourning, not to participate in recreational activities, not talking and laughing loudly, express our sorrow with silent memory;

4, if possible, would you please point up the lamp in the evening candlelight, off for our compatriots


to remind you of the day of mourning should be noted:

: the first period three days of mourning, to dress formally, solemn, do not wear too fashionable or colorful clothes, shoes and hats, lesbians do not use lipstick eye shadow color bright, do not wear fashion jewelry;

second: when the holiday must not drive music, no cards, no frolicking;

third: to pay attention to the maintenance of public places atmosphere, walking in the street, not the romp in knots;

fourth: do not go out after the ballroom, Cara OK hall, billiards club, do not play songs at home, singing OK Cara, held a gathering of friends;

fifth: you can wear some sign of mourning, memory or


sixth: starting at 14:28 this afternoon, stop working for three minutes.

seventh: This is the first time for the people are mourning, some people will not accustomed to, do not pay attention, did not know what to do, I hope you try to transfer these information in the family and friends, and see at any time to correct the incorrect behavior of


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