SF and tact Shen Tong family competition what cows in where

2016, a big wave of courier companies as well as the landing of the capital market.

has always insisted that the listing is not the industry leader SF EXPRESS also caught up with the. May 23rd afternoon, Ding Tai new material (002352) announcement that the proposed placement of SF holdings of all assets, the initial price of 43 billion 300 million yuan.

at this point, China express first share of the battle intensified. Previously, STO has also announced, Yuantong Express listed on the A shares backdoor.

the evening of December 1, 2015, Edisi (002468) released the restructuring plan: STO intends backdoor listing price of 16 billion 900 million yuan.

the evening of March 22, 2016, Dayang creation (600233) announced the Yuantong Express valued 17 billion 500 million yuan backdoor listing plan.

released with the backdoor program, the three most representative China private courier regiment also appears in front of the public, with tact, Shen Tong as the representative of the "join" and "SF adhere to the direct style", in scale, profitability, business center, etc. have the ability to create rich more intuitive data "competition".

from the above data can be found, SF is definitely the boss of private courier, some accounting and management index is even greater than tact and sto and.

express courier investors, expert Zhao Xiaomin told the surging news, by combing the SF, tact, Shen Tong’s backdoor listing "resources", from the asset size and brand reputation, SF at least an advantage; contrast from the profit rate and performance, SF also dominates; from the operational efficiency and service satisfaction, and SF leading; from the company’s growth background and culture, has deep red blood "SF" (led by CITIC and China Merchants), Yuantong express Alibaba endorsement, STO is purely from the family controlled enterprises; corporate governance structure and management team, the management team has Morgan SF Stanley and KPMG and former officials of the Ministry of commerce the background, flexible management team has UPS and Guotai Junan’s background, Shentong express industry team is accompanied by China grow up from the past; Analysis of several years of business efficiency and business strategy, leading SF and sto tact; from a business model perspective, SF is fully owned express enterprises, has the advantages of high operation efficiency, strong execution, is a lengthy process, disadvantages of bureaucracy and financial pressure, the market lack of tact and flexibility; Shanghai to join the franchise, financial pressure is small, quick response to market, strategic shift fast and other characteristics, is the lack of control of low efficiency and quality of service execution is not uniform. Comprehensive comparison of the indicators, SF, tact, Shen Tong, each one has his good points.

at the end of 2015, SF, tact, Shen Tong’s assets were 34 billion 717 million yuan, 6 billion 187 million yuan, 2 billion 840 million yuan. Note that a 2016 increased heavy asset investment, the current assets should be 8 billion -90 billion yuan.


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