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yesterday, the U.S. group and the public announcement of the new company’s organizational structure, as we thought out comments, the United States mission. However, the next fire is not the news, but the following picture became popular.

images from the network

according to this picture, in November 18th, the United States will have a new partner to join the group. But some words such as "we finally" changed ", easily reminiscent of before the hungry response once the U.S. group and hungry when merger rumors say" we change ", to determine the" new partnership "is not hungry.

Shortly after the

, there are some media (or media) words zaozao said the latest news from November 18, the U.S. group will be an independent subsidiary takeaway identity and hungry held a press conference, and combined with 5:5 convertible way. But the news has not been issued for too long, in exchange for the hungry is tough and angry response.

hungry in response, said, a friend of the company deliberately spread easily lead to improper Association of public opinion pictures, information, disturb the audio and video, this is not a serious behavior, hungry and it is difficult to understand and regret. Hungry side also said that it has mastered the relevant evidence, retain the right to pursue its legal responsibility". Here refers to the friendly business should refer to the United states. After that, the news about the merger rumors have been deleted.


is hungry, angry, quickly merge rumors deleted, and timely clarification, but there are still many netizens said that the Internet circle in this way, but a few days before it really might merge. So we go through the front and back, as well as the anger of hungry to analyze what the rumors in the end is for what.

‘s hungry.

hungry why so angry, there may be three reasons:

1, the United States mission has indeed reached a merger with the hungry intention, but do not want premature exposure.


this possibility, before analysis, now in the Baidu takeaway, the equivalent of three Wei, while the United States and hungry, who is Sun Quan Liu Bei who does not matter, because no matter what, beauty is certainly not willing to sell to Baidu (Baidu will not necessarily be) then, the rest who catch the hungry, who will be able to fix the situation. So the United States must have been in the group is always hungry with the contact, look forward to the hungry in the bag (on this matter can be concerned about the post before the article).


was really beautiful group settled, the United States dizzy with success accidentally revealed in advance is possible. However, this possibility is relatively small, because the United States and the United States must cherish very hungry cooperation, so it is difficult to make such a low-level error in the hands of the u.s..

two, the United States Mission and hungry contact, but hungry did not agree;

this possibility is the largest. For Zhang Xuhao, the hungry from small to large, and was the first to do takeout >

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