Jingdong listed price bondage Tencent Domain jd com call loss

Tencent and Jingdong "marriage" has long been rumored, Tencent today announced the acquisition of Jingdong 15% of the shares before the listing, but only $214 million + + electricity + digital Tencent Tencent Tencent Guangzhou 4 + easy fast logistics company as a dowry, and Jingdong accept is considered in order to give Wall Street the bigger story. Penguins and dogs love story look not so beautiful, but eventually Xiucheng Zhengguo, both force electricity providers contain Ali Tmall, domain name between the sword Ge inevitable phase.


$214 million, is the Tencent shares of the Jingdong’s trading only cash, and the above mentioned 4 companies, in the period from January 2013 to September a total loss of 71 million yuan, the net assets of 398 million yuan ($65 million). If this calculation, Jingdong to $279 million on the sale of a stake of 15%, Jingdong’s valuation of only $1 billion 860 million, which is much lower than the market expected.

of course, the value of the Jingdong is not only to stay on the book figures, the potential value of the 4 companies should also be counted, but how to integrate the company’s resources is a major challenge facing Jingdong. Tencent and Jingdong in the future will have a series of cooperation in the field of electricity providers, such as Tencent will be given on WeChat, mobile QQ access points. Overall, the cost of the Tencent shares of the Jingdong and the Jingdong is not the price, or as a result of the IPO roadshow cold, choose low "to Tencent, so as to enhance the IPO valuation, amplifying the imagination as the IPO prospect, for its listed escort.

Jingdong has submitted the listing, according to table SEC documents show the financial status of Jingdong, Jingdong during 2012 in the domain of investment cost of 33 million 411 thousand yuan, net (3 million heavyweight domain 3.cn yuan to 5 million yuan), Jingdong suspected the acquisition of 2 letter short name JD.com spent nearly 30 million yuan. High quality domain name of the high cost of investment, but Jingdong also saved a huge amount of traffic promotion costs.


Jingdong listed there is still some way to go, and now on the side of the Tencent, Jingdong will help IPO. Tencent’s QQ online shopping and pat Network’s 100% rights and interests, logistics personnel and assets transferred to the Jingdong, and granted the Jingdong to acquire fast and easy to retain the rights of the call option. But from the current situation, easy fast or will become chicken ribs, Jingdong have been busy for their own interests, or to attend to.

it is understood that Yi Xun will continue to operate, and Jingdong to explore the depth of cooperation, Jingdong will invest easily become a minority shareholder, and get the right to subscribe for the remaining shares. In the field of physical electricity supplier, Ali’s Tmall, Taobao has an absolute advantage, but it can not be compared with the fast and easy, Tencent investment Jingdong will be rich in physical electricity commodity category, against ali. For easy and fast, the next stage will be the most difficult days. Fast and easy

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