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Securities Times reporter Ye Mengdie

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P2P net loan net win the world court in Shenzhen in the near future Piandai case. The three defendants for fraud allegations were denied, saying he had never contacted the company practice, due to the company’s principal is still in flight, 167 million yuan of capital flows is still a mystery. However, in this case, Gansu Jufeng credit Company limited by guarantee (hereinafter referred to as "Jufeng guarantee") as a former network to win the world debt owed to a partial compensation mechanism, and the net flow of funds is to win the world, investors were tortured.

4 months of turnover of $780 million, the net win the world is known as one of the representatives of P2P barbaric growth period. Net win the world network loan fraud victims up to 1009, cheated amount of $167 million, is so far the largest amount of fraud with a net loan fraud case.

in the day of the trial an investor on Securities Times reporter said that last year the net win the world after the accident, Jufeng guarantee for the network to win the world debt, specially in Shenzhen set up a company, investor compensation about 40000000 yuan.

According to

"Jufeng guarantee, Jufeng guarantee is the guarantee institutions approved by Bureau of small and medium enterprises of Gansu Province, to set up a credit guarantee business, after the start of operation of mortgage guarantee business. After an additional registered capital, an increase of 100 million yuan.

said these investors willing to guarantee, Jufeng Zhong Wenqin actual control for network to win the world’s debts, indicating the existence of some mutual relations between them, and this is related to the flow of funds, also need to find evidence of the prosecution.

Securities Times reporter to call the person in charge of the joint venture Feng Feng, when asked to gather as an investor in the case of the network security guarantee for the network to win the world debt, the person in charge immediately hung up the phone. Call back, prompt tone.

on the day of the trial, so that investors feel helpless, the past is packaged as "quasi listed companies open platform network to win the world subsidiary responsible for security", the three executives have tried only junior high school culture, in the trial bench, net win the world operations director Wu army, general manager Zhong Jie, legal representative of Longxing the court was not guilty.

at the same time, according to the prosecution investigation found that the world is actually the network win Shenzhen Huarun through Au Optronics Co (hereinafter referred to as Huarun pass) of the self financing platform. Because of Huarun’s business has been in trouble, unable to obtain loans from banks in Shenzhen, so they set up a network to win the world to finance the associated enterprises. At the same time for the defendant in court statements, hanging out on the net to win the world platform loan subject, many of them are actually the actual controller – one of the fugitive principal fictional and bell Wen chin, according to financial instruction will loan hit Zhong Wenqin designated accounts, most of its own account.

In addition to

, the defendant’s statement is quite doubtful. Director Wu net win the world Navy said he.

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