Baidu to the industry and the national nternet users initiative

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Beijing time 14:28 on May 12, 2008, when the Baidu Inc headquarters staff in Beijing office felt the earthquake brought dizziness and shaking, we do not know, thousands of miles away in Sichuan, 7.8 earthquake has made hundreds of thousands of China compatriots lost in the moment of life, their beautiful warm home, has become the ruins of a family of comfort and smile, blood and tears have been replaced……

Baidu heavy heart. At 2 pm on May 13th, a black LOGO line in the Baidu home page, this is for the expression of the earthquake stricken compatriots condolences, attract and call for more people into disaster relief operations.

today, issued by the relevant departments of the state’s death toll has more than 12 thousand people. Sad and shock while the disaster situation affects every Baidu heart, everything I can do something for the disaster, all Baidu become the most urgent wish. After learning the exact news of the earthquake, the Baidu Inc quickly organized a series of rapid response assistance:

abroad Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li to the Beijing headquarters phoned personally arrange donations in the name of the company, immediately donated to the disaster area the first batch of donations of 2 million yuan, and called on the staff of the company is to act immediately, the first time to do some things for the people in the disaster areas.

Baidu Inc human resources department quickly set up a charity donation team, to the company headquarters and all over the country branch employees issued an appeal to the mail, called on all staff to donate to the disaster area. This initiative was immediately enthusiastic response of all staff. At present, the company is also working to raise money for charity.

in addition to internal company sponsored, Baidu calls for love but also to cover the Baidu channel agents, and also received a warm response, at present, from nearly fifty Baidu channel agents has been actively expand donations to the people in the disaster area; at the same time, Baidu also launched more than 20 coalition partners, together on its website eye-catching the position of "God bless China, link – disaster assistance Our wills unite like a fortress. zone", to use the Internet for new media, called for more attention to the disaster area, disaster assistance.

however, in the face of great disaster suddenly, just rely on Baidu a company’s strength is clearly not worth mentioning, we hope that through this proposal, to gather up all the Internet industry colleagues, all the power of the Internet and the Chinese power, let us hand in hand and shoulder, build a party together Our wills unite like a fortress., love and warmth of the ark. And our great nation and tough compatriots together! Let the Internet connection from a piece of land and never lost the warmth.

Baidu Inc

May 14, 2008

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