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investor news reporter He Fengdan

in March 2011, when Liu Lei decided to start his own business, he felt the spring. "At that time, it seemed as if the whole sky of Kunming was clear." Liu Lei said.

Liu Lei is a young entrepreneur, he was born in 1987 when he was only 24 years old. He is a university radio and television journalism, before founding C2B group purchase website raised reverse network, he has done a cameraman for two years at the Yunnan branch of Xinhua news agency, due to lack of future life goals of psychological expectations, he decided to venture.

but unexpected, "spring" is too short, his entrepreneurial activity lasted only a year ended in failure. As the group purchase website into the winter, most of the small group purchase website such as net raised, in June 1, 2012 due to funding strand breaks up network closed down. Liu Lei lose ten yuan savings into their own "run news" two years saved.

rush to form a team

June 2011, Liu Lei from the official Xinhua News Agency Yunnan branch left, came to Beijing entrepreneurs. From his hometown of Hebei, Langfang, the bus will be able to direct, the most important thing is that Beijing is more suitable for the city’s Internet business.

probably in late March 2011, Liu Lei decided to start a business. He added up, divided into three steps, first set of projects, and then get the money, then dry.

At that time the

group purchase website upsurge to just, it is surging, the subway is full of "shake handshandle net" group purchase website advertising. Liu Lei felt behind this, there must be other opportunities.

entrepreneurial projects inspired by an accidental opportunity. At that time coincided with Liu Lei bought a mobile phone shell, he would like to look at the site to buy the style he wants. The results for several days, did not find. Later, he inadvertently browse Alibaba, saw in the top of the mobile phone shell that he wanted, wholesale one hundred only a few dozen dollars, but in the retail price of Taobao to nearly $two hundred.

Liu Lei suggested other website group purchase the mobile phone shell, but no echo. After he tried to post in the Wei Feng network group purchase, link in your Taobao store, and find that the group purchase posted quite popular wang.

so Liu Lei suddenly thought, if there is a platform to support the direct launch of the group purchase activities, will give people the value. This is followed by the hands of the network business model – C2B reverse buy.

after careful market research, Liu Lei began looking for partners. "If I can convince others of this venture, it’s not just a temptation for me," he said." Liu Lei thinks so.

Liu Lei later found Xie Feng, Li Meng, Li Zhe, Kezhou and other 4 people, composed of 5 entrepreneurial team, officially began operation venture.


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