WeChat in what guidelines in the circle of friends advertising


BLUES of the questionnaire survey through public numbers and circle of friends are, thanks to 1301 friends, which received the advertising circle of friends is 1009, which is the data, the report from the 1009 people, strictly speaking, the number of samples is small, and the limited communication channel is BLUES public and circle of friends, so samples there is a deviation, represent only a part of the crowd, for reference only.

circle of friends advertising conjecture

generally do research, are the first hypothesis, and then through the investigation to verify the hypothesis is established. Before doing this research, circle of friends has been a variety of conjecture, a brief overview is as follows:

Chinese advertising circle of friends is based on large data precision


have received VIVO of mobile phone advertising, is not millet mobile phone users


have received BMW advertising, is preparing a


have received BMW, VIVO mobile phone, Coca-Cola users, whether on behalf of the tall, rich and handsome (Bai Fumei), the middle and the grass root three

user groups?

tick or in turn send? — to create topics. Because there is a friend of BMW said, why give me Coca-Cola?

put on the BMW ads, is first-tier cities north of Guangzhou Shenzhen


advertising sample distribution

look at the distribution of the samples, the first wave of advertising, three delivery company, are BMW, VIVO, Coca-Cola mobile phone, receive advertising users accounted for 78%, which accounted for BMW, 35%, VIVO mobile phone is 28%, Coca-Cola is 15%.


samples of mobile phone system distribution

comparison of the sample and the sample number of public BLUES users, BLUES public number of users accounted for 53% of the Android system, apple accounted for more than 44% of the system, compared to the proportion of mass mobile phone users, is a serious deviation.

TalkingData research report shows that the domestic mobile phone users, apple systems accounted for 32%. Survey sample accounted for 60%, one is the number of users of the public BLUES has been accounted for on the big, is estimated to be the circle of friends advertising this year, the conditions of the object of the launch of the inside, there is an Apple user screening conditions for this.


The following figure is TalkingData 2014 mobile internet report user data



said the conclusions and data below.

conclusion one: three advertising launch, there is no precise recommendation based on big data


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