Jin Hao Some Reflections on the invite mechanism


launched the SNS community or forum or have an invitation function, market a lot of new projects, also invited as the main means of promotion beta and beta. Especially in some big brands such as Google website, GMAIL, the popular SNS- happy net, because "invited" success! Recently Jin Hao also do a resource sharing is the core of the community platform (www.eapoo.com), all the marketing means, establish mechanism still bear the brunt of invitation. Based on this I according to the "invitation" mechanism to do some research, summed up by the way, hope can play good effect.

"invitation" is a double-edged sword, need to do the right thing at the right time. From the current situation of the implementation of this project, the original high expectations of the invitation so far did not play a very good effect, but to a certain extent, to give the user a very bad impression. First of all, this is a new platform, in the absence of any user site awareness, want to attract the attention of users and occupy a certain position in the heart is more difficult. Secondly, because the platform just on the line, such as BUG also can hardly be avoided, many users will login heart fandigu, this can not blame people to engage in a critical, not perfect things for people to use do not great ah. So, "invited" this thing is a good stuff, but should be used when appropriate, or hair invitation, and Spam have no difference what. I believe that this project is not only our first encountered this problem, many of the site may have such a problem, but also began to doubt the real role of invitation. But this "invitation" itself is no doubt, the invitation mechanism is practised very good promotion, it depends on how we use, the use of good effort, the good half.

how can the "invitation" effect into full play? In discussing this before, Jin Hao think still need to all: invite mechanism is how a development? Why "invitation" will let you enjoy it? To solve these two problems, I think the following topic may better understand some. As far as I know, the earliest invitation mechanism from technical forum, is to gather some professional personnel to discuss some problems, reduce the interference of exclusion; followed by the development of the number of video sharing forum, the establishment of various circles, the purpose is to reduce the exclusion, to ensure the purity of the circle; then the rise of the porn forum. Invite mechanism again in the obtained ‘development’, the implementation of the invitation mechanism for two main reasons, one is interest drive (porn forum is to pay), the two is to get rid of (to prevent ZF access, leading to blocked); probably to the beginning of this century, with the new module a lot of website function and start using closed or small-scale beta invitation mechanism again prevailed. This time the event representative is Google’s Gmail. At first, in order to get a Gmail, it is full of begging ah, and hope to get some relief.

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