Talk about the experience of promotion promotion is the foundation of the user in the first place

A5 recently engaged in a very soft official outside the chain of fire, as one of the participants, to fully appreciate its convenience, this is a win-win activity and planning, a short period of time by the majority of owners of the recognition and support, I also think of such a problem, what can let us quickly accepted by users? ", the answer is only two words: user. Users want the results are two, one is for external links, the two is to expand the influence, and this platform is very good to meet these two conditions. So I intend to write out today, is a summary, it is also a webmaster to talk to me about the promotion of experience: the foundation is to promote the user in the first place.

promotion method to consider the user’s feelings

There are many ways to promote

, if there are hundreds of words or even more, but most of the free methods are mostly concentrated in the SEO, soft Wen, QQ group, Q & A, forum, blog, etc.. In the promotion, I found a problem, a lot of too self centred, while ignoring the feelings of users. In addition to force the QQ group sent messages and messages, other ways have such experience. For SEO, the title and description of almost no readability, the accumulation of key words; soft Wen is mostly for links, not much readability; BBS and blog advertising is too strong. This promotion is too stiff and impetuous, the effect will be greatly reduced, the real promotion should be more for the users to think, consider the user’s experience, users can only accept, we have a sense of trust. This is the first time in the daily promotion of wheat.

promotion to maximize the flow of

The promotion of

flow realized how many websites? Conversion rate is not high, the wheat Lisa do have stations, through the data calculation, the conversion rate is far below 1%, in fact the public also are thinking about how to improve the conversion rate, I think the answer is to put the user in an article. We look at their website from various angles: color matching, loading speed, quality of content, and so on, any one factor is likely to interrupt the user is visiting. These small details on the user’s emotional impact is relatively large. Consumer spending is often rational consumption and emotional consumption, if the emotional consumption can not be stimulated, then the effect of the promotion will often be reduced by 50% or more. On the contrary, if a user likes to, small to a button design, the design of the border, then it is likely to drive the user’s emotional consumption, so that the sales increase is not only 50%. The shop decoration will be at pains and the first time to visit our site, do not have enough trust in the new online shopping users? Of course, also can not get, your design can not make everyone satisfied, only need to satisfy the majority of users is successful. In short, want to be realized, we must cherish the flow, starting from the change of their web site. Let the user feel comfortable start.

specific users are real customers


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