How to do tracking and extrapolation We have to understand the tracking ranking method

in many people’s minds, network promotion is a "loafing" work, so called because every day with repeated words, repeated articles, over and over again and again, is really boring but have to do! But most people worry about is not this, but even if we are so desperate to do not play much role or do not ranked. This is exactly why? Why others can do well? We are bad luck, poor skills, lack of experience? No, but we did not find the right way, don’t know how to do tracking extrapolation.

so small today, anyway, we have to talk about this thing. Many people are busy all day, the works of keywords ranking, but do not know what is the most effective method, many things are not what you do you will be able to pay and harvest effect is proportional to only in the case of correct thinking. So blind to do not feasible. So the key word not only to hair, but also know how to track the ranking of keywords, as well as the key words and so on.

maybe some people think that I have to spend a lot of time or energy, do not know where to start. So here I have a simple way to introduce to you, just spend a little time can be very simple. You have not heard of a claw called cloud network marketing analysis management system software, which is composed of a listed company in Shanghai science and technology limited company at on-line operation, in terms of authority, effective tracking extrapolation timely and accurate, with it, you don’t need to do that track extrapolation situation of the.

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