Kaka SEO how to use Baidu know do promotion website

recently do not know what Baidu is pulling the wind, a lot of small website optimization ranking drop, pushed to the front of the basic Post Bar is like Baidu, Baidu know, Baidu space, Sina asked, or a large portal page, so in order to site traffic, we must take advantage of those in front of the site. Personal feeling Baidu know the effect is very good, but used the webmaster know that there are also some tips, here to share my experience with you!

1: Baidu knows the answer to someone else’s question

First of all, you want to clear the

keyword, and then use these keywords in Baidu know to search. If there is a corresponding problem already exists and there is no treatment for it, then we can go to answer this question once, then add your links, as far as possible will flow into, also can be in a very short period of time to let Baidu spider crawling your site.

2 in Baidu know how to answer

under normal circumstances, the same problem N many people answer will take away our traffic, so we can know in Baidu inside the question and answer, as we all know, the same IP from being asked, very easy to be titles, so how to avoid this problem?

Baidu know personal feeling there is a main account on it, the general use of the site’s name or administrator’s nickname, the main answer to other people’s questions. For our own questions, the general can use the main account can apply for a (usually with the main account more convenient) to ask questions, answer the questions we can change a machine (mainly in IP) and then answer their own questions, we must ask, what to do when answering the account? General good basic user name is now registered, how about that? I like this registration, the eyes closed, hands on the keyboard above the random wave, so basically can be registered, this is Baidu know there was a little more difficult place. Tip: This article is Kaka SEO original, want to see more articles please search Kaka SEO, retains this copyright information, please reprint copyright reserved!

answered, whether it is answering a question or answer, should be added at the end of the website address, but also in the reference " " inside to write on the site name and URL, but it is best not to always write the address of the home page, for a long time, Baidu will shield you. Or your computer to answer any questions not to take the URL, generally the same user name cannot be checked continuously answer 3 questions, otherwise it will not show you the answer.


do keywords heat is very high, it is difficult to make Baidu the first page is large enough, then we can take this time with Baidu know to the promotion, because such high heat of words, Baidu know the ranking must be very good, this kind of words can bring flow. For us

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