Novice webmaster do 100 thousand P need to insist

in the winter of 2009, for our webmaster grassroots is a real sense of winter, the record storm to a large area to the CN domain name server closure, no individual user registration status on the Internet… China dare not say what to still fighting in a line and the long standing on the website for the brothers comrades greetings, persistence is will have the results of


today to share a living example planning, for reference, there is a role for the website development and promotion of the people, will not let everybody be lost in the Internet work, also do not know exactly what kind of website is popular search engine. The site built what to do next? Know to promotion, but what promotion effect is good and suitable for their own website? Many websites are in search of webmaster, I do for Chinese college students network popularization personnel, recently found a way to feel can also take out to share with you.

Everyone is familiar with the

blog, everyone can use their own blog to promote the site, below I say is how to use the other blogs to advertise their own website, this method is required on the site, the site must be the major search engines, web sites have a certain scale appearance not too vulgar. We all know that the general Internet users have their own blog they are very fond of their joy, anger, sadness, joy, life bit by bit have written on the blog to share with your friends. Their purpose is to be able to get her approval or appreciation from the hearts of some satisfaction. Can get more people to share her happiness that no one will resist (unless private or sad).

the first step I first collected a large number of art examination industry in the blog address (recommended to collect 1000 per day), this may be tired.

second steps on the collection of the back of the blog boutique screening, will be included in a good article on their website.

The third step in the

1000 blog on the message: dear * * blogger, Hello, your "* * * *" the articles have been included ## station, then leave the specific address and acknowledgements. (he will pass the two way to contact you 1 step back to your blog 2 search your site name) regardless of whether he has no opinion will go to see your article, I am here to remind you: best not to leave contact or QQ. This will make people suspect is a liar.


to do so if his article was selected by your site that he is absolutely loyal members of your site, even if the article is not included in your site (the site is attractive) will stay with him. According to 1000 blog every day to calculate the true membership of the survival rate of 20%, you do well, then you can reach the site after the date of the flow of 1 months and can get a lot of the original article. As far as you can do it on your own.

probably thought that’s all, thank you for sharing my work experience. To see the people of this article

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