To see exactly what P & G eyes sting scheme dominated the market

brand has become one of the core elements of the survival and development of enterprises, is a huge intangible assets of enterprises, its importance has become increasingly prominent, has exceeded the capital, technology and other strategic elements. In a certain sense, the competition between enterprises has been upgraded from product to brand marketing, and even the overall image of the competition.

implementation of multi brand marketing strategy is an urgent requirement for an enterprise. Procter & Gamble is a typical multi brand strategy, more than 300 brands. But in fact, it is a single positioning strategy.


of Procter & Gamble to realize that change its positioning is difficult thing, since there is now positioning, why change it? In the future, the launch of new lower price may effect faster.

each brand has a unique positioning, in order to occupy a certain position in the minds of potential customers. Year after year, the product update iteration constantly, the company no longer takes the effort to change its position, and the use of an endless stream of new products reflect the development of technology and consumer tastes change.

For example, three

micro cloud Sales Department will not only build a business group, a business group will seize every customer, to avoid a fish escaped through the seine.

why do we want to implement the multi brand strategy to intercept competitors?

1, more than the shelf area.

multiple brands can get more shelf space, increasing the probability that the product was selected.

2, to provide more choices for low brand loyalty.

low brand loyalty or no brand loyalty often brand transfer. The only way to intercept the brand is to provide multiple brands.

3, reduce enterprise risk.

will not maintain the reputation of the company in a brand.

4, encourage the internal rational competition, boosting morale.

moderate competition between different brands of similar products, can improve morale and efficiency.

5, the brand has a different personality and interests, can attract different consumers

multi brand diversification of the customer needs a choice of time when a product down will choose another product, if the market is Procter & Gamble products, regardless of how to choose the customer, not the loss of customers Procter & gamble. Mobile application provider micro three cloud is also. Three micro cloud through strong technical development capability, professional design and production team, perfect service system, to provide users with WeChat micro station system, APP development, high-end high-end customized services, has been to create a number of stores WeChat WeChat marketing system, distribution system, distribution line, mobile social APP cashier system, the city O2O system, cross-border electricity system all-round marketing matrix, gives the industry a new business.

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