Network marketing need traders or generation operation

enterprise network marketing has become the focus of everyone, more and more companies want to get involved in Internet marketing. The key is who do? How to do? For this problem, basically there are two directions: first, the recruitment of personnel network marketing personnel, and then set up a network marketing team. Two is the direct generation of the operation team to perform. Then for the network marketing companies do it really need to find a trader or on behalf of the operators of


according to the guardian of Yuan Kun’s personal understanding of the data, many companies are more willing to look for generation operations. The reason is a word: I do not understand. The network marketing this thing directly to the professional team to operate. For this phenomenon, the current ratio is relatively large, anyway, as long as the results. In this case, we see the final result is what?

This piece of the market

Wuhan network marketing, many enterprises still remain in the boss’s thinking of building a website, website SEO optimization, auction. Now WeChat development is relatively fast, so everyone’s thinking is that there must be an enterprise WeChat public number. Specifically how to do, to the generation of operating companies to solve the. Is it really solved,


today a friend with my QQ, also talked about the topic. Because the guardian yuan Kun is more focused on doing network marketing consulting and related network marketing training, mainly to help companies recommend network marketing team to perform. For this model, many companies may think that you did not do what the actual implementation of ah, do things or my own employees ah. As a trader, a long time of accumulation, constantly refines the experience and operation is performed before the results of the battle, did we say are ordinary soldiers, battles and generals Never mind, more and not


enterprise network marketing do not good reason, we have a consensus: first, others do, I also do; two, I have a huge amount of resources, to make a platform; three, my money hit, hit a result; four, no network marketing professionals, directly to the generation of operation; five, the enterprise network marketing is the feeling empty, indecisive.

guardian Yuan Kun has not suggested that enterprises looking for generation operations, if only short-term rapid results, you can try. After all, for the network marketing team, we know more about marketing, but do not understand your product. Just launch is relatively simple, the key is that we need to transform the results. If you want long-term development, we must set up their own professional network marketing team. You can ask the relevant network marketing workers do marketing consultants to help their enterprise marketing team to develop rapidly.

personally feel that A5’s marketing team to do a good job. A5 is currently doing a relatively early consultant team, of course, their mainstream is SEO consultant. I believe that in the near future, they will also be involved in more areas. But more just to give a marketing plan, pointing out that problems, solve problems. The real implementation of the enterprise itself, because only companies know their own.


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