GG account has become an old industrial station grew up promising

recently, in the webmaster forum, you can see a lot of people buying and selling GG account, so I’m not surprised, but also a lot of ideas.

one, because the CN domain price cuts, as long as one day less smoke a cigarette can register a domain name, become a family. Such consequences directly lead to an increase in the number of garbage collection stations. As a result, the search engine to bring a lot of burden. On this basis, in the search engine industry has not included a new Baidu CN meters, GG station number one can find.

two, as the saying goes, the opportunity is always in the hands of a small number of people. Now GG is not easy to apply, and many CN m really want to make a station, want to earn money by GG. How about that? Now the method of only two, one is myself, the way to submit a request to GG, until it passed, although not real but also harass the people and waste money, is a method of solving. And that is looking for people: buy or replace note. That’s what I want to say today. In the webmaster network forum, the last two days at least occurred from the intermediary GG account 10.

three, but the transfer of GG account problems, is the time to apply GG said. Payee can not be changed, how to solve this, but also to discuss the master. And it’s a good way to take notes. The so-called generation note, is the need to apply for the GG account to the user to provide a certain condition, and then tell him certain information, directly from the person on behalf of the GG alliance to submit an application request for advertising. But I think, GG account so hard to find, so people have what note generation method can be directly registered? This is below an idea.

four, if I am an insider in the GG advertising alliance, what would you say? I guess you guess what I’m trying to say. Yes, if I was inside, on the one hand, let GG account for Canon, on the other hand, improve the agent registration price, as a result, into their own line, also received a registration fee, but it is not a small income.

five, I pick up a list, to the number of people registered. When it’s done, I’ll tell you how to register. Here is the first secrecy. Please also pay close attention to the 18 year old Chinese adult network domain name similar to China’s 18 year old blog, the site is http://s.www.china18sui.cn

writing is not good, just write, hope you don’t throw a brick, because my last wish you $in GG account in your hand for good.

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