What was the unicorn’s first investment speech

investors on average to see a financing speech time only 3 minutes and 44 seconds. Entrepreneurs, we must grasp it!

every entrepreneur knows how important it is to deliver a speech. But they tend to ignore one thing: PPT. Perhaps it is because they have no good visual designers, or simply do not know an eye-catching PPT.

that’s not good. A successful financing speech is the priority among priorities of entrepreneurial investment, even if the speech is done, the products do better what? Just like a lift test, your speech must be concise and to the point, right.

according to the DocSend survey, investors will spend an average of 3 minutes and 44 seconds to listen to a financing speech. The company has an average of 40 investment meetings every three months, and then the end of this round of investment. Although there are one thousand entrepreneurs to invest in the speech of the one thousand, but I believe the unicorn from the company’s first investment speech or get some inspiration.


first look at the sign site originator Foursquare in the first speech of the investment in 2009.

their investment speech successfully demonstrated to investors that their applications already have the first batch of users.


content profile:

the person who signs the most in the same place will receive the title of "mayor" in the area.

left: we decided to invite the first mayor of the Spud Bros area to eat a free meal! "Mayor" does not need to go through an election, just sign up in the app! #foursquare

left 3:50 PM:@Micah comments: congratulations on becoming the first mayor #foursquare @spudbros area! Send us your email address, we will send you a


3:47 PM: Hey guys! Guess who will be the first #foursquare mayor in the Spud Bros area, we have four candidates, @bfeld @micah @reckert @penguin.

right state: use @foursquare to become Good Hurt, every time you come to the bar can receive a free beer!

comments on the right: congratulations on becoming the first @foursquare mayor of good hurt, the student will receive a free beer every time we come to our bar!



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